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TECHNICAL is a manufacturing company located in Vignate (Italy), Milan area, specialized in safety valves production. Since 1973 Technical products are used to protect plants of different kind of industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical industry, water treatment, shipbuilding and electric-power generation. Over the years the Company has developed a different series of products to give the best response, in terms of safety, to the characteristics of different systems. Company’s strong points are the availability to respond to requests for the Customer in the development of individual orders at the stage of design and production of equipment, the competence and experience of its staff, ensuring quality both at the level of production and manufactured products. The main aim of the Company is to obtain customers’ maximum satisfaction. Technical safety valves are certified in compliance with European Regulation PED (Pressure Equipment Directive -marking CE) and American ASME (UV-marking stamp). The production of safety valves is the main direction of Technical enterprise and is produced in various series in the form of customizable templates using a wide range of different materials and accessories with which we can offer thousands of options. The main series are: series 4000, series 20000, series 10000, series 30000 and 30000P. Each series differs from others in design and characteristics for the best compatibility with different types of installations and with the specification of customers.