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Emerson is a large multinational corporation. Headquarters are located in Ferguson, Missouri (USA). It is in the list of 500 largest companies in the world. The company combines technology and engineering in many industries and offers technological solutions for industrial, commercial and residential markets. The company includes 235 manufacturing companies.
Emerson provides innovative solutions which allow customers to reduce servicing costs, capital expenditures and the cost of compliance. This is facilitated by worldwide level equipment and maintenance services, which take the leading position in management industry. In 1976, Emerson acquired Rosemount and focused its development on the production of intelligent measurement instruments. The production and assembly of pressure units, temperature sensors, and flowmeters sensors is concentrated in Chelyabinsk (Russia) on the basis of Metran. In 1992, Rosemount was integrated with another purchase of Emerson, Fisher Controls International. In 2002, Fisher-Rosemount was changed to Emerson Process Management, a division of Emerson. At the present moment, Emerson Corporation has the following brands in its structure:

METRAN. Emerson Production is located in Chelyabinsk in Russia- pressure sensors, temperature sensors, metrological equipment, communication equipment, and functional equipment — all the most popular products of Emerson.
ROSEMOUNT — pressure measurement, temperature and level measurements, flowmeters, analyzers and chromatographs.
FISHER — valves, actuators, positioners, digital valve controllers, industrial regulators.
DANIEL — control valves, flowmeters, and measurement systems. Emerson's experience in oil and gas transportation makes it possible to make any process transparent and reliable even in the most difficult usage with the help of Daniel's trustworthy solutions
MICRO MOTION — Coriolis flow meters and converters, units for measuring density and viscosity.
DELTAV (distributed control system) and DELTAV SIS (alarm and safety instrumented systems).