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Bellino is based in the south of Italy, in Modugno, located in surroundings of the capital of the Bari province. Originally the Company was formed in 1978 as workshop of fine mechanical accuracy, but nowadays its business is focused on the supply of Standard Service Control Valves and Severe Service Control Valves, manufactured and supplied for the main national and international companies.
As a result, Bellino s.r.l. has gained a reputation for delivering specially designed high-quality valves for severe conditions, based on the appropriate engineering and production capabilities that meet the changing demands of the market in sector Regulation. Bellino s.r.l. combines proven experience, innovative design technologies and qualified technical development. This is a major driving force behind the development of its range of high-quality control valves for operating in severe conditions. Bellino s.r.l. proved that it has solutions for everything doesn’t matter what the problem is, it might be the problem of use, in high-pressure, high or low temperature, explosive evaporation, corrosion, high speed, vibration, noise or energy dissipation. Company Bellino s.r.l. started in 1999 with ISO 9002 certification and now guarantees quality in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000. A technical inspection body authorized to mark the company's valves in accordance with 97/23 / CE - Pressure Equipment Directive, category III, module H, and also in accordance with 94/9 / CE - the EU directive on equipment in explosive environment. Bellino s.r.l can provide assistance using its own resources and third-party certified organizations, if the customer requires a specific product specification.