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We constantly develop the system of staff motivation. This work is aimed at maintaining the competitiveness of the company in the labor market, attracting and retaining qualified employees, increasing their interest in achieving high results in the work.

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Staff Motivation

A systematic approach to determining the levels of remuneration of labor and compensation packages of employees is developed in our company. The system of remuneration of labor, which operates in the company, provides for the establishment of official salaries and grades, taking into account the qualifications and business qualities of the employee, the current bonus for the results of production activities, surcharges and allowances, depending on working conditions and the amount of work performed, a one-time bonus, results of the work.

GC Energosila in its industry has a reputation of being one of the most responsible employers.

The main asset of the Company is highly professional personnel, motivated for effective work. Employees are our most valuable asset, and our employees are also highly qualified professionals of our business, growing with us! Our employees are focused on efficiency and are the guarantee of our future development. The company provides equal opportunities for the continuous improvement of their abilities and skills. These opportunities help in disclosure and self-realization: our colleagues can try to show their potential in various fields - from development and engineering to product launching and direct sales.

In the composition of motivational packages in the company there are options for senior management.

Particular attention in communicating with candidates we pay personal qualities, such as an active approach to work, focus on results, service with maximum consideration of customer needs and teamwork. We are ready to develop professional skills together.

We like to raise our cadres, and we want our employees to like to grow with us. Therefore, considering each candidate for a vacancy in the Company, we hope that he will go with us a long and interesting way.

Training and mentoring

The Company organizes a training system and candidates are certified according to the company's internal standards, which allows them to master the specifics of work and corporate standards more quickly and efficiently. Each intern for three months is trained and adapted under the guidance of experienced mentors. During the intensive internship, the candidate, a potential participant in our friendly team, receives the necessary but very "saturated" minimum of technical information and other knowledge, which in the future will be very useful for the quality application of them in their professional activities.

Corporate training

The Company has organized a system of trainings and presentations for both beginners and leading specialists (project managers and engineers). Together with specialists from our partner companies, we conduct professional training on updates. This enables our employees to constantly improve in the engineering field and be able to receive up-to-date information in the profile area.

The corporate system of personnel training and development of EnergoSil Group is aimed at the solution of the following strategic tasks:

• ensure the level of professional and technical competence of employees, corresponding to the current and prospective needs of the Company's business;
• ensure the Company's strategic projects with trained personnel;
• comply with the Company's mandatory requirements for the level of staff training aimed at ensuring the quality of work (the level of technical literacy and other competencies corresponding to job descriptions);
• ensure the necessary level of competence for all employees of the Company involved in the corporate system.
The success in the professional activities and teamwork of each of the Company's employees depends on the amount of knowledge and skills that they possess. GC Energosila provides its employees with opportunities to continuously improve their abilities and skills. A key aspect of the policy in the field of personnel training and development is the strategy of internal growth and professional development.

We believe that investments in personnel development are investments in business development, the key to success and the necessary direction of any socially responsible modern business structure.

For more details about our company, with rules and regulations, corporate values, you can get acquainted personally, by calling us on contact numbers, or send a CV to personal@ensila.ru and make an appointment for an interview.