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About us

About us

We are an effectively developing national technology company, uniting scientific, manufacturing and marketing enterprises. Our group is interested in attracting and developing purposeful, initiative, energetic and creative people, companies and teams, ready to improve their professional knowledge and experience.


Creation of unique properties of products and improvement of methods for solving technical and technological problems, ensuring the technological independence of consumers, the withdrawal of domestic solutions to the international market.

Company strategy

Investing in the development of technology within the country, the acquisition of Western technology for further adaptation and localization. Cooperation with universities, research institutes, developers, setting new domestic technologies for production. Expansion of the product portfolio. Orientation to human, professional potential. Involving employees in decision-making and company management. Organization of an international sales network.


For 13 years of work, we have developed patents, utility models, trademarks, technical conditions for dozens of products with new technical properties.

The group includes engineers specializing in automation problems, signaling and the use of various structural materials to ensure the reliability of data transmission in various automation systems. The influence of temperatures, corrosive media and other operating conditions is investigated.

The Heat Engineering Group develops solutions for the electrical heating of pipelines, process units for the petrochemical and gas industries.

In the technological part, we are developing block-modular solutions for the use of heat exchange equipment.

Since 2017, in the technological part, we have begun scientific cooperation with the Don State Technical University. Combining efforts expands the material and technical and scientific base for new developments. Creates a platform for the exchange of ideas and attraction of engineers-developers to practical stages of production and sale of new products, allows to speed up the withdrawal of new developments to the market and to the consumer.

Licensing agreements have been signed with the developers to promote and implement the products they invented.


In Rostov-on-Don, an industrial site has been organized, the main directions and tasks of which are to increase the share of domestic products, implement and implement their own engineering and scientific solutions for the production of control and shut-off valves under the Armata brand. By its own specifications, the production of a number of compact block-modular plants for various technological tasks is organized. Production of thermo-exchange points Thermolon was started, based on the development of the company Ridan - the domestic leader in the production of heat-exchange equipment.

In cooperation with our partners JSC Podolskabel and JSC Energokabel, interface cables used in automation systems are manufactured. The new properties of this product are confirmed by patent.

Together with the company Khitlayn, Lyubertsy, Prometey brand products have been put into production and certified. The development takes into account the requirements of PJSC Gazprom for self-regulating and resistive electrical heating systems.

In Uglich at the cable plant Nexans, the cables of the ethylene-propylene rubber and cross-linked polyethylene Creolon and Pyrohalon are manufactured at the facilities of the Cable Alliance Holding factories under the license.

In the city of Azov in the Rostov region, on the basis of frequency-regulated drives ABB, together with the company Grinmax developed TU and put on production equipment SILAR.


The most important stage in the life of any product is bringing it to the market, providing access to the consumer. Our group has a branch network, which provides geographic proximity to the consumer. At the heart of the work on product realization lies the technology of project management of sales.

For the successful realization of products in the industrial sector, the most important is to understand the mutual influence of the investor, the customer, the project organization and the construction contractor when making a particular technological decision.

Project management in the group is implemented according to Agile methodology at all stages of the product life. This allows us to respond quickly and accurately to changes in customer requirements for the service. The group includes several independent sales companies, dealers and partners responsible for the customer, working in a single information space with the parent organization of the group and the manufacturing companies responsible for the product. We are in constant search for growth points and invite new teams that share our values to become our partners in any regions of the world.

Members of gc Energosila

GC Enegrosila

Effectively developing national technology company, uniting scientific, manufacturing and marketing enterprises.

SPE Thermoengineering

Implementation of industrial electrical heat tracing

SPE Metromatika

Development and production of cable products for industrial automation systems

SPE Armata

Production of control valves and thermal block units

Project Institute KORAKS

Design of oil and gas facilities