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HOLDING CABLE ALLIANCE was established in 2011. The Holding comprises the following cable assets of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company:
- Electrocable Works, Kolchugino, JSC (Kolchugino);
- Sibcabel, JSC (Tomsk);
- Uralcabel, JSC (Ekaterinburg);
- NIKI, JSC (Tomsk) (Scientific Research Design and Technology Cable Institute NIKI).
The Cable Alliance has a well-developed sales network, as well as its own warehouses in various Russian regions.
Electrocable Works, Kolchugino, JSC is one of the oldest enterprises-producers of cabling and wiring products on the Russian market. The company celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2014. Apart from the wide range of cabling and wiring products, the company also offers metal screens. The plant has more than 40 groups of cables, more than 65 000 type sizes. It’s located in the town of Kolchugino, in Vladimir region, Russia.
Sibcabel, JSC is an enterprise of Russian cable industry, that has been producing a wide range of electrical and technical products for the last 70 years. The plant produces more than 60 labels of cables and more than 20 000 type sizes. In 2013 Sibcabel was the first in the rating of oil-submersible cables producers for gas and oil sector. The plant is located in Tomsk. Sibcabel, JSC was the 8th among the mechanical engineering enterprises of the region in 2013, according to the Expert Siberia magazine’s rating “TOP 400 biggest enterprises of the Siberian Federal Region”. In the same year the company was the 1st in Russia in producing cables and wires for rolling stocks – 74 %.
Uralcabel, JSC is a dynamically growing enterprise with bug producing powers. The plant has more than 70-year history and nowadays it can offer his customers more than 20 groups of cable products and more than 14 000 type sizes. The plant is located in Ekaterinburg.
Scientific Research Design and Technology Cable Institute NIKI with its pilot factory in Tomsk is the only scientific and technology center of cable industry in the eastern area of Russian. The Institute develops new types of cables and cable materials and implements them. Modern testing field featuring unique equipment imitating operating condition makes it possible to carry out certification tests to ensure the compliance with national and international standards.
The applicable quality management system at the factories incorporated in Cable Alliance Holding Ltd is certified to meet GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). Wire and cable range of the Holding amounts to over 40 groups, over 150 000 type sizes. In 2014 the audit of the management system was finished to check in compliance with the standards of railway industry IRIS. It’s well known that OAO RZD prefers to give priority in purchasing only to companies that meet the systems requirements. This certification of management and its further implementation will allow the company to offer guaranteed safe cable and wire products to its customers.
The Holding is a member of the project ¨A cable without any danger¨. The company values a lot its reputation, produces safe products for his consumers and together with other market members prevents any distribution of fake cables and wires. Nowadays the enterprises of the Holding actively implement Lean Manufacturing Culture. The system helps to eliminate any kind of loss – operating, material, temporal, etc. – and optimize business-processes of the Holding Cable Alliance enterprises: from product development, production to interaction with suppliers and customers. The logistics network of the Alliance connects over 10 Russian cities. The producing plants are located in the main economic areas of the country (Central region, Siberia and Ural) and together with the main warehouses establish a massive system. All these conditions let them always have their products on stock, deliver everything on time and at the same time reduce expenses on transportation costs and logistics.