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RIDAN is a leading producer and provider of heat transfer equipment in Russia. Since 2016 the company has been part of an international consortium Danfoss – a global leader in producing and providing industrial equipment to the markets of more than 100 countries through the world. Ridan has more than 19 years of experience in project implementation in the heat transfer sector for various industries.
Their own production of heat transfer equipment of high power and warehouse constantly supplied by stocks and materials let them ensure the efficiency of the orders performing, even during the high season. One heat exchanger of standard product type is produced during less than 3 days.
Ridan is continuously seeking to improve its production area to meet the increasing demands of the market. The specialists of the company take the best from the world experience and implement that knowledge in the production development. Thus, the plant already has such systems as ‘Just in time’, ‘MIFA’, ‘5S’. These systems are used in the leading producing plants all over the world and permit to optimize the production process and increase its efficiency. The main activities are:
- production, delivery and warranty service of heat transfer equipment for the industry;
- engineering solutions of the tasks on heat transfer for housing and communal services and other industrial sectors;
- services on complete implementation of the projects in the heat generation sector.
Demountable plate heat exchangers are used in the heat transfer between various liquid and gas environments. Ridan is a leader producer of demountable plate heat exchangers in Russia. The Ridan staff thoroughly selects the optimal heat transfer equipment, performs calculations and delivers plate heat exchangers to the Customers from different regions of the country. The company prepares individual, calculations for each heat exchanger with the help of its own software.
If you follow the technical policy of the company, the latter guarantees you the operational efficiency of the heat exchanger. There is a possibility to modify the heat exchanger constructions according to the Customers’ requirements. The heat exchanger can be used in processes with the usage of aggressive environments. One heat exchanger of demountable plate-type is produced in about 3 days. It has a wide dimension range. The heat exchanger can be completed by counter-flanges of required type. The coloring resistance of heat transfer equipment is more than 10 years. All documentation complies with all norms. They provide guarantee and post guarantee service in all regions of the country.