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The group of companies ENERGOSILA is one of the official partners of HEATLINE which offers its services in the design, manufacture and installation of electrical heating systems. HEATLINE is a developer and producer for many electrical heating systems, among which:
- for industrial heating of pipelines and tanks, for the purpose of maintenance of a given technological temperature;
- for industrial heating of main pipelines longer than 3 km;
- for heating of premises, sports grounds and racetracks;
- to eliminate the formation of ice;
- for processing oil products with vortex ultrasonic generators to change the viscosity of the medium and reduce the costs of servicing pipelines.
All products produced by HEATLINE are certified and approved for use by the relevant regulatory authorities. For high-quality installation of electric heating systems, HEATLINE offers a wide range of accessories: terminal boxes, cable entries, regulators from leading world and Russian manufacturers. For the development of projects, there is a design bureau that has all the necessary licenses to carry out such work. Our own electrical heating solutions TM PROMETHEUS were created in cooperation with HEATLINE.