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OMV INDOIL (Croatia) today is the legal authorized company of the legendary union ENERGOINVEST (Yugoslavia) which is known to many armature workers Of USSR and nowadays OMV INDOIL offers a huge range of pipeline fittings for thermal power, oil and gas, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries. OMV INDOIL"s plants are full-cycle production, including significant foundry capacities.

- 26-year experience in the production of valves and participation in industrial projects.
- Development of specific solutions for special customer orders (searching for new technical solutions, special valve designs with drives). Individual approach to every customer.
- Experience and quality of OMV INDOIL are recognized on international markets in Germany, Austria, Russia and other countries.
- Highly professional team and full technical support.
- All products are certified and controlled by necessary certificates and permits.
- Own technology and industrial capacity in accordance with the ANSI, EN / DIN and GOST standards for ANSI Class150 - Class2500 (PN16 - PN400), ½ «up to 48» (DN15 - DN 1200) and all certificates (DIN, ANSI, GOST).
The company’s activity is focused on two main directions: 1) Manufacturing: fittings, control valves, pipe valves, ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves; spare parts and repair; products on special order - special valves, parts of generators; 2) Complex deliveries of pipeline equipment for energy and industrial sectors.
The company is aiming at using the most modern equipment at its plants and has achieved a high level of automation of production processes. High-tech machining centers allow not only to achieve high productivity, but also to maintain the quality of products at appropriate level. Now OMV focuses on oil, gas, energy and shipbuilding. All further plans for development are related to these industries. Processing- in oil and gas industry, distribution- improvement of technical solutions ENERGOINVEST under the licenses of LUNKENHEIMER (USA), as well as its own development and design.
The supply of equipment for offshore installations is important in production. OMV INDOIL also develops new product lines in the energy sector. The company has essential experience and traditions in shipbuilding, where more than 450 projects have been hold. This is specialized equipment with high technical requirements — in particular, for icebreakers. Moreover, OMV INDOIL practices an individual approach to each customer — the customer can find here not only the serial products. If it is necessary, special equipment is designed and manufactured for meeting with conditions at particular facility. This equipment meets the customer’s requirements.