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PROMETEY is a trade mark of NIPI TERMOENGINEERING — Russian producer and supplier of integrated solutions in the industrial sector of electrical heating for gas, oil and petrochemical industries.




Self-regulating heat tape is designed to protect the product from freezing or to maintain preset temperature in technological pipes, containers, tanks. There are three kinds of different tapes depending on temperature mode: PROMETEY-NT (operating 65 °С, allowable 85 °С), PROMETEY-ST (operating 120 °С, allowable 200 °С), PROMETEY-VT (operating 200 °С, allowable 250 °С).


Resistive heat tape is designed to protect the product from freezing or to maintain preset temperature in technological pipes with the length of 1000-5000 meters. Resistive cables PROMETEY-R have different bandages: plasticized rubber (allowable temperature 85 °С), halogen-free compound (allowable temperature 120 °С), silicone rubber (allowable temperature 200 °С), fluoropolymer (allowable temperature 260 °С).


Mineral insulation cables are to maintain high temperatures and to heat a product in technological pipes and containers. These cables have high-temperature coating. The mineral insulation cable PROMETEY-MI is designed in two bandages: capronickel alloy (allowable temperature 400 °С), stainless steel alloy (allowable temperature 600 °С).


Electrical tracing control cabinets are designed for electric power supply and to control of the electrical tracing system. They are produced ready to install and don’t require installation of any other additional equipment. The cabinets under trademark SILAR consist of: temperature controller or PLC-controller, launch and protection equipment, signaling device.


Heat tapes and cables produced under the trademark PROMETEY meet all the heightened requirements of the customers: they are reliable in operation and perform long-term service.

The company NIPI Termoengineering is an expert in industrial electrical tracing and offers to its customers integrated engineering solutions of any difficulty on the application of electrical tracing equipment for oil and gas industry.

Using electrical tracing equipment under the trademark PROMETEY lets a customer to save electricity, optimize control process, reduce costs on maintenance.

Heating cables and tapes under PROMETEY trademark have all the necessary approval documents and certifications on their application of in the explosion hazard zones of 1st and 2nd classes according to GOST IEC 60079-10-1-2011.

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