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ARMATA® is a structural subdivision of the Group of Companies ENERGOSILA — Russian producer of technological equipment for the gas, oil and petrochemical industries.




Development and manufacturing of control and shut-off/ cutoff valves, stabbing valves with various types of actuators, closure ties, butterfly and safety valves under the Trade Mark ARMATA.


Development and manufacturing block heat exchanging stations based on own engineering developments under the Trade Mark TERMOLON®


Complex deliveries of wide range of closure ties and control valves, safety valves and heat exchanging stations.


After-sales service: supervision, training of the Customer's staff, diagnostics, interrepair maintenance of equipment, supply of spare parts.


Valve is reliable and durable in operation. These indicators are achieved by the existence of a full technological cycle from design to production, quality control of all stages of production, use of high-quality raw materials and components.

Professional approaches of ARMATA specialists in each individual case of selection of valves, provides our customers with an exclusive solution of their challenges. This allows us to find the most accurate and verified technological solutions under technological solutions under given conditions.

We think that only by looking at the problem from different perspectives, we can find the answer to it as quickly as possible.

Providing complex solutions to our customers differentiates us from competitors. We can solve the problems of selecting pipeline valves and simultaneously see the potential increase in the efficiency of the technological process and improve the automation of processes.

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