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ABB is a world leader in production of good for many industries. The Company develops and manufactures products that comply with the international standards and technical requirements of the customer. Our company is a business partner of ABB concern in the direction of electric drive and robotics.




Low-voltage actuators are devices for controlling electric motors up to 660V. ABB produces the following series of low-voltage actuators: ACS580 (power range from 0.75 to 500 kW), ACS880 (power range from 0.75 to 5600 kW). These actuators can be used for pumps, compressors, fans and conveyors.


High-voltage actuators are devices for controlling electric motors up to 10 kV. ABB produces the following series of high-voltage actuators: ACS580MV (power range 200 to 5600 kW), ACS2000 (power range 250 to 2600 kW), ACS5000 (power range 2 to 36 MW), which can be manufactured with both air and liquid cooling.


Soft starters (SS) are devices which provide a process of smooth start and stop the operation of electric motor. It increases the duration of work of drive/ operating mechanisms, protecting electric motors from electrical surge / in-rush current and other possible problems with across-the-line starting. There are several series of soft starters: PSE (range from 30 to 370A), PSTX (range from 30 to 1250A).


Low-voltage and high-voltage electric motors are power units capable of converting electric energy into mechanical energy. By combining the best available construction materials with modern technology, the ABB motors are designed to work seamlessly, no matter how demanding the process is. In the product line, ABB includes electric motors for general industrial use (M3AA, M3BP, M3BM series) and electric motors for explosive areas (M3JP, M3KP, M3GP, AMD).


The technologies developed by the Company give it the opportunity to stay ahead its competitors, to offer reliable and long-term equipment to the customer in order to solve simple and more complicated aims.

The use of actuators and motors of ABB allows reducing energy costs, optimizing the control process, reducing maintenance costs, improving efficiency factor and reliability of the technological process in general.

The range of ABB drive configurations increases as a result of the availability of various options, such as software for PCs, communication interfaces and additional power and control solutions.

Electric motors and drives of ABB Company function properly at the largest enterprises in Russia and CIS (Community Of Independent States), they have all necessary permitting documents and certificates.

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