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The DELTA-V controlling system is a complex of soft- and hardware that enables to reduce the project difficulty and risk levels due to simplicity and flexibility of modern computer-aided technologies, intuitionally connecting the staff and production processes.




DeltaV SIS is a safety instrumented system (emergency protection), that strongly protects production facilities both during independent operations and while integrated with distributed control system. High level of safety integrity is maintained through constant monitoring of sensors, controllers and executive devices by troubleshooting before any kind of blackouts appear.


PlantWeb – is practically proven digital architecture of enterprise management. It enables not only to reduce capital expenditures and designing expenses comparing to the traditional architecture of distributed control system (DCS), but also to get operational advantages due to productivity boosting, increasing operating availability and quality and reducing conversion fees.


Delta V hardware component includes a work station computer, specially designed and practiced to work with the system, as well as proven M and S series controllers. Series S offers the input-output technology with electronic jumping on demand that enables to use different input-output module types in correct time and place.


DeltaV Alarm – a help system for alarm signals that gives the detailed context information to the operators in accordance to the alarm signals list and their priority status, and secures operators actions. The description of alarm signals enables to detect off-nominal conditionals that is crucial while working with user and discrete signals.


DeltaV is a large-scale system. The pricing is formed in a way that it´s economically efficient both for big and small plants.

DeltaV is the only system in the world that supports such protocols as Foundation Fieldbus, HART, AS-i, Profibus DP, DeviceNet in one controller without any other intermediate adapters or convertors.

DeltaV is able to recognize new devices (controllers) and new input-output plates. There is no need of manual tuning to add them to the system, it can be done in a hot operation, that is without power downs or technological process shutdowns.

DeltaV is developed on the basis of long-term experience and technical maintenance. It has intuitionally understandable system and its visualization enables our staff to work more efficiently.

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