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Emerson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial control and measuring instruments. It offers a set of innovative solutions that allow customers to reduce servicing costs, reduce capital costs and the cost of compliance with standard regulations.




Pressure sensors are devices designed for continuous measurement of absolute, overmeasure or differential pressure of different environment and the subsequent conversion of the measured value into a consistent output signal. Emerson manufactures the following series of pressure sensors: Rosemount 3051, Rosemount 2088, Metran-150.


Temperature sensors are devices using a thermoelectric method for measuring temperature, and converting the measured value into consistent output signal for subsequent transmission. Emerson manufactures the following series of temperature sensors: Rosemount 248, Rosemount 648 (644), Metran-281 (286,288), Metran-2700, Metran-274 TSMU (276).


Level sensors and alarms are devices that can track the level of a bulk or liquid substance in a capacity drum or tank. Radar level meters are dominated in Emerson product line: Rosemount 3300, Rosemount 5300, Rosemount 5400, Rosemount 5600, and level vibrators: Rosemount 2100.


Flowmeters are devices that measure the volume or mass: a liquid, gas or vapor that passes through the cross section of the pipeline per unit time. Emerson has several types of flowmeters. Electromagnetic: Rosemount 8700, Metran-370; vortex: Rosemount 8800, Metran-331 (332); Coriolis: MicroMotion; ultrasonic: Daniel 3800.


Emerson control and measuring devices are highly technological and reliable, and work for the useful lifetime, they also have an extended interval between checks.

EMERSON products are produces at plants that are certified by ISO 9001:2008, using the best production methods based on economical production organization and quality assurance processes Six Sigma.

EMERSON Company controls technical solutions in control and measuring devices, and that is the reason why the customer can be sure that technical characteristics will correspond to the declared ones.

Emerson products are used and work properly at oil and gas and chemical plants in Russia and CIS and have all necessary documents and certificates.

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